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It had some of the benefits of location. It was on a corner, well-lit, and clean. Yet, I had doubts about the prospect of success for the enterprise. There didn’t seem to be much traffic.

I have been pleased to see small businesses and restaurants pop-up in the shopping centers close to our neighborhood. But small businesses and restaurants come and go. Many had excellent merchandise and food to offer. There just wasn’t enough traffic to make their work viable.

So, when I discovered this new enterprise, my first thought was that it couldn’t last.

The tiny spider who had cast its web on that corner didn’t seem to be concerned.

Normally, I would have whisked away the web and the spider. I just couldn’t in this case. I was pulling for the spider. But how could he survive? There was no evidence of potential food sources.

A week later, I saw the web again. And the little spider was in the center, waiting patiently. At first, I thought he might have succumbed to starvation. I blew gently across the strand and the tiny guy moved slightly and held on more tightly. Again, I left him and his creation in place.

Last week, I thought about the spider and went to check on his condition. To my surprise, the little spider was significantly bigger. And underneath his web were a number of small objects — carcasses of other insects that had wandered into his trap. Using a tissue, I captured this amazing entrepreneur and took him outside to an area abundant with wildlife. Granted, his relocation probably posed some hardship of rebuilding. I hoped, in the long run, it would be better for him. And I could finally clean away the cobwebs.

I thought about how, despite my belief that the spider wouldn’t succeed, he did anyway. Through industry and patience, he did what he was created to do and thrived. I’m sure there were times he even wondered. That is, if spiders wonder.

I don’t know what struggles you may be facing or what challenges may be ahead. Please know that location, while important, doesn’t always dictate the terms of your success. Do what you were created to do.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

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